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“I had trouble integrating my new rescue dog, Athena, into my psychotherapy office.  A beautiful dog who had been set on fire by her first owner, her energy level was extreme with severe impulse dyscontrol to match.  Enter Faith Hynoski.  I kid you not, within minutes Faith had diagnosed the overall problems!  Faith then set up a course of exercises, which methodically brought Athena’s energy and impulsiveness down so that today she is a peaceable and comforting presence in my psychology practice.  Needless to say, this also tremendously decreased my stress and increased my pleasure and bond with Athena.  To put this profound change tritely:  “I have great faith in Faith Hynoski.”  She is the equivalent of an excellent therapist in the world of dogs and dog-lovers.”

                                                                     Dr. Mark C. Michael, Ph.D., CGP 

                                                                                  Clinical Psychologist


"I’ve worked with Faith on many occasions, from basic obedience to aggression reactivity. She is remarkable in her ability to read dogs. And in her ability to work with humans as well as dogs to help alleviate any fear or reactivity, and to elicit passion in dogs to learn. Working with Faith, our dogs wanted to learn because it was fun, a rewarding and happy experience. Her training teaches a myriad of skills to both dog and human - in obedience, behavior redirection and even in extended "tricks" in a positive way, which forges increased trust and an even more positive canine-human relationship. All this is done without fear (no alpha based training), without pain (no pinch collars or choke chains), and in a loving and respectful, fun and encouraging manner. The dog has fun learning, and so does the human. It’s a win-win situation, and I’ve been able to SAVE AT LEAST ONE LIFE working with Faith and her positive reinforcement techniques on a fearful dog, who was deemed un-adoptable and recommended for euthanasia."


                           Yvonne Devereaux - Founder, Lady’s Hope Rescue & Adoption


“I don't mean to brag but I quite possibly have the best puppy in the world and I could not have done it without the help of Faith. She is remarkable in the way she interacts with Percy and she makes the entire training process seem both exciting and fun. It was also great to have someone come to us as Percy acts much differently inside the house then when he is in a new territory. People believe that I have a really good puppy. I receive comments daily on how well behaved he is and I know that I owe it all to Faith and her ability to show us the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Faith.”


                                             Amy & ‘Percy’ - Founder, The World is Fun (TWIF)


“I am so happy to endorse Faith and her services. She has helped me beyond measure in bonding with my dog Benton and gently leading him to be more tolerant of other dogs while he's on the leash. Faith has also given me a great deal of confidence in handling him on a day-to-day basis. Her positive approach to training is completely the opposite of a training service I used prior to finding out about her and Benton has responded positively to her method while he did not to the other trainer. I am happy to recommend Faith to any and every one!”

                                                                                                 Nancy & ‘Benton



“I highly recommend Faith's expertise and training skills. Her real-world advice reflects the way that many of us live with our dogs as companions/family members. We received great information about the way a dog's brain works, positive reinforcement and clicker training - very interesting! We had private sessions with Faith in our home during which she gave us specific suggestions about our everyday routines. This was EXTREMELY helpful! I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about our newest member to enjoying our walks and training exercises. While nothing replaces the slog of consistent, daily training, I now feel like I have the necessary skills and information to enjoy and succeed with my dogs."         Tamara, Rebecca & ‘Cello’, ‘Cassie’ & ‘Lady’ 


“I am so happy to have found Faith Hynoski!  I have had an off leash dog walking business since 2003, and during that time I have used several trainers to help with issues in my dog pack. I have also tried to find trainers to recommend to my clients. Though I have had some ok experiences with trainers in the past, I have been waiting to find someone I could recommend with the utmost confidence, and now I have found her.  The more I learn about training the more I understand the benefits of completely positive, behavior science based training. Thanks Faith! You make training dogs a great experience.” 

                        Pam Barger - Owner, CoPilot Dog Walks


“I gained so much from our training session, and I would love to work with you again in the future if we need a personal training session.  Rusty is doing very well, and I think the confidence I gained from the session with you has made a huge difference.”


“Both dogs have benefitted greatly from your training session.  They love the clicker!  Chucky is doing great!  I use the treat method diligently and saw a difference the first day once they heard a couple of clicks!  Also, as much as they love meat, do not discount the spice cake!  It was a huge hit! Thank you again so much!”

"After a few events in our lives that completely changed our Yorkie's routine, we needed to re-train

her regarding some of her behaviors. Faith came over and we worked together to come up with a

plan, and we were able to see a change almost overnight. Thanks for your help.” (& Putin)


"Faith is phenomenal! She is knowledgeable, kind, sincere, fun and creative. She helped me work through

some behavior issues my dog was having. Using positive reinforcement and a happy training atmosphere,

she brought my dog back to the confident boy he used to be. She was encouraging and supportive at all

times. I would not hesitate to recommend Faith to anyone needing a great dog trainer."                   


“You are so AWESOME! Thanks for your quick response and detailed advice. It gives us a lot of hope and

best of all a plan on which to focus our efforts. We REALLY appreciate your time and the sharing of your



Thanks again for all of the training - I really couldn’t have gotten through the first few months without it!

                                                                                                   Katy & ‘Gunner’ (Malamute)


“Your coaching has made a difference. Tila has come such a long way and we thank you for your help!”         

                                                                                                S. Barlow & ‘Tila’ (Plott Hound)


“Faith was wonderful and so helpful!”  S.Poland & ‘Shilo’ - (Bernese Mountain Dog/Newfoundland)


"We were blessed to have Faith care for our two golden retrievers on many occasions and consult

with us on behavioral issues. She was fantastic and the dogs loved her. Highly recommended!"
- (John and Jess in Lane Cove)                                      

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